We have consulted with political campaigns in the U.S. and several other countries.

We advise business organizations and other special interest groups on how political issues may define their election strategies.

Radnor advices on how to have an impact on elections and on specific issues.

Radnor works in elections with candidates, parties and independent political organizations.

Radnor offers political analyses on specific issues and elections - so that managers know what legislation might be coming and what changes the next election will bring.

Radnor conducts briefings with Washington policy-makers for executives and managers from outside the United States - so they have a better understanding of how and why things get done in Washington.

Radnor advises groups and individual businesses on the best way to have political and legislative effectiveness.

Expect victory.

Radnor Political Consulting
What People Say

Great political analysis. Right on target. (Parliament, U.K.)

Superb! Only you could have done this! (Russia)

You do excellent work. (New York)

Thank you for getting me here. (U.S. Senate)

I am always amazed at your depth of understanding of a wide variety of topics. (Italy)

Campaign management
Media management
Fundraising strategies

Organizing the new office
Selecting new staff
District and state offices
Choosing committees

Developing new supporters
Political Action Committees
Fundraising strategies

Winning is the goal
After the victory party
Reelection planning
Decision-making analysis for leaders
Politicians who lose elections have a hard time changing things.

Radnor's Ken Feltman is a former president of the International Association of Political Consultants