Washington, D.C., used to be a government capital. Everything changed in 2008 and Washington became a financial and media capital, too.

Washington is changing more quickly than at any time since the Second World War. Relationships are changing. Some businesses will fail. Others will be left behind by better-prepared competitors.

This change is threatening - and not just to the financial and automobile industries. Decisions formerly made in Detroit, on Wall Street and in capital cities around the world, are now being made in Washington.

Those decisions are being made by bureaucrats more accustomed to narrow, backward-looking oversight than innovative, forward-looking insight.

Suddenly, Washington is not only the government capital of the nation with the largest economy in the world. Washington is also the financial and media center of the United States, and probably the world.

If you doubt that, you may be left behind as competitors from all across the globe race to Washington to protect their interests and stake their claim.

For many individuals and businessmen the only long-term strategy that will work is:

Get into Washington politics or lose out on opportunities.

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What is Radnor?

Radnor is a legislative relations and political consulting firm based in Washington, D.C.

Radnor has affiliations around the world that allow us to accomplish our clients' objectives.

Founded in 1985, we work with some of the largest businesses in the world as well as some of the smallest entrepreneurial firms and groups.

Radnor services fall into three areas:

  + Government relations services throughout the          world

  + Political counsel to business, candidates and            political parties

  + Organization management

What we do:

Represent business and professional interests in Washington and throughout the world - so that government will not interfere unnecessarily with your business goals.

Advise on the formation of political action committees and other fundraising groups - so that you have the political clout to accomplish your goals.

Conduct research - so you know the legislative and political environment.

Prepare publicity campaigns - so your good news gets to the decision-makers.

Create and manage short-term lobbying coalitions - so that you can have an intense, concentrated effort without the commitment involved with long-term organizations. 

Manage trade and professional associations - so the members can concenrate on what they do best while we handle the backroom details.

Manage and coordinate legislative goals with political expenditures - to give you the best chance to achieve success.

What should you expect from Radnor?

We can help solve most of the government relations problems that people bring to us.

If we can't solve your problem, we can introduce you to someone who can!

It took us less than 24 hours to put a U.S. manufacturer in touch with the right people to solve a problem in South Africa . . . and 48 hours to solve a problem in Brazil for a firm from India.

We maintain an extensive network of alliances with firms and individuals throughout the world and know the person you need to get action.

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