Lobbying is more important to an organization's success than ever before. At the same time, lobbying in Washington has changed.

A large lobbying firm in Washington disclosed that its clients can expect to receive $100 in additional funding or revenue for every dollar spent on lobbying. Whether that claim is true, it makes the case for an aggressive Washington presence.

The major change in lobbying in the past ten years has been from lobbying undertaken to protect existing products or markets to lobbying designed to help create new products or exploit new markets.

Radnor has been at the forefront in this change from defensive lobbying to today's more aggressive activity.

As business grows around the world, the ability to participate in the legislative and regulatory processes in capitals around the world becomes more important. Radnor can help you.

Radnor has pioneered the creation of coalitions and associations to advance legislative and regulatory goals.

Radnor forges alliances to support the client's objectives.

Radnor succeeds where others fall short.


Here are links to a lobbying project started in November. Can you tell us the purpose of this campaign and the group behind it?
Radnor Lobbying
Excellent insight into a very complicated political situation. (Washington office of German company)

Excellent analysis. (U.S. Senate, Washington)

Very well scripted information with solid analysis. What I expected and got! (Wall Street, New York)

I really enjoy your stuff. (City Hall, Chicago)

One of Ken Feltman's best pieces of work and clever, too. (The White House)

International Investor selected Radnor's Ken Feltman as the lead commentator on its new program.
The initial program focuses on Feltman's report on the transfer of decision-making from Wall Street and Detroit to Washington.

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Today's winners tend to be tomorrow's winners.

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Radnor's Ken Feltman is a former president of the American League of Lobbyists